1.5.0 Review

Created By:logan121092

Type:Classic Shooter



1.5.0 would seem like an unpopular game when you first look at it,but when you see the score board,there is a lot of people who played this game.The challenge of the game it to coolect all 150 crystals as fast as you can.There were lots of narrow halls in the map that,you couldn't finish it quickly!Despite the difficulty,it can be rather challenging.Although I like it,others don't.People tagged this game:spaming,weird,waste,weirdo,and bad.It really depends on what you are like.This game would be more for people who like a challenge but not like a difficulty of 10 or something you can't pass the level.I have one thing I don't like,change the name!You are not going to get much views with just 1.5.0!