Bulbasaur? Hobo lives on streets Yeah and they have ugly, dirty clothes. They have an ugly face like poop.

Uxikez: I wouldn't describe it as poop. Plus, hobos have the same faces as we do. It's not like they became hobos because they're ugly. But they don't have clean food, so just be glad that YOU'RE not a hobo and stop teasing them.

They beg for money,clothes,and food.

They also hold up signs and play music to get money. They live on the street and be a hobo.

Uxikez: They can't afford instruments. Most live on streets, some in shacks/ old abandoned corners.

They also live in boxes or sit on boxes. Rarely they get food from the trash

Uxikez: They actually live off garbage cans.

What do they do for a living?Edit

beg beg beg beg, and beg for money

Uxikez: No colt, they are masters of survival and know how to gain resources unlike us who just go get food whenever we want. Plus, they find places to live and forage food.

their salary is about 1-5 cents a year. Probably about no salary

Uxikez: They don't have a salary!!! they don't have a job! They get money by donations, not salaries!

27thColt:I nver wrote that and that was Wrath...he was crasy at the time XD

When I was young...Edit

When I was young I thought Hobos were monkeys we see today



Okay when i ever saw a red jacket i think of hobos wearing red jackets that are red from GAP

Uxikez: You never said that when i wore my usual red jacket last year.

27thColt:That is because that jacket was MINE! XD

What should we do?Edit

We should try and help them.We give them a few spare change.Maybe take it to the next level and buy them a hotdog or a sandwich.Remember:Always care and have a hear for them....Many people don't have things and are poor,we should at LEAST help them...because they never did any wrong to you and they deserve a helping hand. :)