Heartgold Soulsilver


Brock uses rock pokemon and he hands out the Boulder Badge to trainers who defeat him.

Red, Green, and BlueEdit

Geodude lvl.12 rock/ground

- tackle, defense curl

Onix lvl.14 rock/ground

- tackle, screech, bide, bind



Geodude lvl.10 rock/ground

- tackle

Onix lvl.12 rock/ground

- tackle, screech, bide, bind

defeat money: 1188

Gold, SIlver, and CrystalEdit

Graveler lvl.41 rock/ground

- defense curl, rock slide, rollout, earthquake

Rhyhorn lvl.41 ground/rock

- fury attack, scary face, earthquake, horn drill

Omastar lvl.42 rock/water

- bite, surf, protect, spike cannon

Kabutops lvl.42 rock/water

- slash, surf, endure, giga drain

Onix lvl.44 rock/ground

- bind, rock slide, bide, sandstorm

defeat money: 4200