Dusclops Review a good pokemon.It has HIGH Def and Sp.Def with a maximum of 394 for both stats at level 100.Sadly,it has low Atk and Sp.Atk (with max stats of 262 for Atk and 240 for Sp.Atk at Lv.100).Although it has high high Def and Sp.Def I think it is not as good as Gengar or even Haunter.Also it is has one of the worst speed and Hp.In order to get it,evolve it at Lv.37 from Duskull so it is really late.If you can get past that,it can be a REALLY good physical and special wall!At 4th gen,it has a really good evolution.Dusknoir (that evolution I was talking about) is a REALLY,REALLY,REALLY good special and physical wall.

In the 3rd gen,Dusknoirs,only physical move (not counting moves it kept as a Duskull) is shadow punch.But in the 3rd gen,it can learn a lot of TMs.Sadlly,only one TM with STAB (TM30 Shadow Ball).But,Dusclops still has a good movepool.It can learn good moves earthquake (TM26),blizzard (TM14),hyper beam (TM15),psychic (TM29),toxic (TM06),and many more.Sadly the physical and special split didn't happen until 4th gen.

Now let me tell you about the 4th gen.It has becoome better of course,with new moves,physical and special split,and new evolution.It's movepool has become better.Now,you might find a Dusclops in the wild,it might start with thunder punch,ice punch,and fire punch,or you can find the guy who make your pokemon relearn moves with a heart scale and you can teach Dusclops which ever punch you want(note that Dusclops is obtainible in all 4th gen games it just hard to find).In addition to the previous TM from the 3rd gen,it now it can learn will o wisp (TM61),giga impact (TM