We like fruit!

That's why we made this page.Edit

We just wanted to tell you that we like fruit.

That's an acceptable reason to make a page, right? Post "kite" in the comments if you think so and "spork" if you don't. I will count the votes!

And, why fruity delights?

Because we love fruity delights! They are tasty, fruity, and colorful.

It really is a delight, right?

And to all the people who don't think so, I hate you. By "I", I am uxikez. And colt and wrath will probably too.


Oh yes, if you have anything entitled "fruity delights",

Send it to us.Edit

Our P.O. box is

  1. 50200---89?.989aba^6786

Just send it to us! Via mail.

NOT email.