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There were four bys.Mark,John,Andrew,and Colin were there names.They had a normal life,normal town,and normal families.They went Waterson High School and they all craved for adventure and action.After school they would meet at a certain place (at least after their homework),and watch old and new movies that has action,adventure,or both in it.

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But on the 15th of July,something stranged happened.Right after he left,he found sock on his blood.He knew to take it to his friends for investigation.What he didn't know,was that his dad became a mercernary,and dressed up as Jason.The last person he killed was John's dad,and apperently the sock was at the time of the crime.So,when Andrew wnt to the others he brought his sock.

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John told his friends his dad died last nitght,and Andrew told his friend he had blood on a clean sock.Colin(who wasn't convince)thought it was ketchup and he put his finger on the blood,and licked his finger.Then he was convinced.Mark,the "leader" of the group (or at least that is what he calls himself) came to the conclusion that Andrew has a killer in his house.So,they had a steakout in Andrew's house o the next night.(Mark)"Mm.. this steak is sooooo good."

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The the four boys saw Jason and Colin's dad.Between Colin and his dad,it was a very sad moment.But between the others and Jason,they were ready to fight!(Colin)"Dad.....No....."(Colin's dad)"Colin....Get out of here now!Please...It's too dangerous."(Andrew)"Stop Jason!"

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(Jason a.k.a Andrew's dad)"It's too late!"Then,in a flash Jason killed Colin's dad and left.On that night,Colin felt so sad and so torn up.He immedeiatly told his family members and the next day,the boys went to John and Colins' dads' funeral.It was a gloomy and rainy day,but Colin knew that if they captured Jason and find why he is killing people,his dad would be smiling from heaven.

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A month later,the police had made everybody stay in a huge building which was safe from Jason.Then one day John had enough.John never really liked being on the sidelines,so he snuck in the police room and stole pistols and ammo for the boys.They,were ready.

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They knew how to handle guns.The boys know all about guns from games like Call Of Duty.Andrew loved video games,so as you can guess,he is most skilld at COD.

They searche all night for Jaso,and they were getting tired.Jason also put fakes all around the town.By midnight,the bous didn't even see the slightest movement of Jason.Even though it was past midnight,they were still up and running.Colin loved coffe,so he made everyone drnk so they would be hyper.He loved staying up.Thought hey are only 15,he could't stand people drinking wine and beer.It would make you all drunk and weird.