Minecraft is a sandbox game on Java which allows computer players to explore the world and build countless things. This game was made by Marcus Persson, commonly known as Notch, and was first released in May 17, 2009. First, it was meant to be a finite world that you can build anything in with an infinite number of resources. Now, you can still do that, but you can also test your survival skills in survival mode, where you gather recources, kill mobs, make tools, and more.You can also do Hardcore where the rule is, when you die, you need to start over, instead of respawn. The latest version of this game is version 1.4.2.The game needs to be purchased and has many freatures.

There were 6 stages in it's development.

Classic,was very limited and the first stage of Minecraft.There were few features,mobs,and blocks.Survival was still in development.

Indev was a time where survival was Only accesible and many thing were of course,In development!

Infdev was for infinite development.Worlds were now infinite but not much features were added during this stage.

Alpha was was the fourth stage and had wayyy more features and survival was better.Alpha lacked many biomes but it came pretty darn close!

Beta had features that were going to be in the official game and people didn't know a lot aboute these new blocks and features.Hunger was added and most notable,the End,and the Nether were also in beta.

The official game has everything and MANY features but more is still being added!


Minecraft Mansion