Red,Green,and Blue WalkthroughEdit


Upon selecting "New Game", Prof.Oak will brief intro on Pokemon. Then, he will let you choose your name and your rival's name. Lets just call our rival's name Blue, but you can name him whatever you want.

Pallet TownEdit

In your room press A on your PC, click item storage, and withdraw a potion. After that, head outside and go up north, to the tall grass. Then, Prof. Oak will appear and you will to follow him to his lab. At his lab, you will be able to choose from three pokemon.

  • Bulbasaur
  • Grass/Poison; Beginner
  • Charmander
  • Fire; Expert
  • Squirtle
  • Water; Intermediate

When you go out, Blue will battle you. He will have whatever Pokemon is super effective against your Pokemon (type wise). If your pokemon goes low on HP, then use the potion from the PC. Even if you don't have it, just use your physical move until his Pokemon faints.

Getting the PokedexEdit

After the battle, go north and you will be at Route 1. Then go keep heading north until you reach Viridian City. First go to the Pokemon Center, if you need to heal. After that, go to the PokeMart. The merchant will give you a package. Then head south, back to Pallet Town. You can skip the grass by jumping the ledges. Then go to Oak's Lab and he will give you a Pokedex.

Route 1Edit

Pidgey walk 50%
Rattata walk 50%