1. Rest
  2. Return
  3. Tickle
  4. Bulk Up


Item:Chesto Berry

Nature:Adament (+Atk,-Sp.Atk)

This Pokemon is a double-edge sword.It has the abillity,truant,which makes the user attack every other turn.When bred with Aipom,Ambipom,Minccino,Cinccino that has tickle and the nature of adament,there is a chance that a Slakoth will hatch with Tickle and a nature of adament.After evolving your Slaking and having it the level you want (recommended:80s-100),then teach it the moves Rest,Bulk Up,and Return.Also,try to make Slaking at max happiness or at the highest yuo can raise it too.Then make the Slaking hold a chesto berry.In battle,do a few tickles,which will lower the opponent's attack and defense.Then,do a few bulk ups,this will raise your attck and defense.Now,Slaking will use return.When slaking is at low health,you can rest and Slaking will wake up immediately with the chesto berry.Return will do massive damage!With Slaking having a base attack stat of 160 (max at level 100:460),a lowered defense stat of the opponent,a raised attack stat for your Slaking,and STAB,this pokemon will do MASSIVE damage!!!!!!!!

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