The Herobrine ChroniclesEdit


Chapter One: The Hunt Team MassacreEdit

Steve held up his diamond sword and slashed at the enderdragon. The dragon swooped down and Steve was knocked off the obsidian pillar he was standing on. During his fall, time seemed to slow down and through the fog he saw a flash of gleaming white appear from the top of a distant mountain. It proved of a big distraction, and he was hit by an enderman.

The dragon swooped down again. Steve, who quickly regained focus on the enderdragon, shot another arrow, and it flew away with a roar. Tons of endermen were now teleporting and converging around him. He had to kill the enderdragon fast. He shot two more arrows, and both missed. The third one, however, hit the enderdragon, and the dragon lowered a bit.Steve quickly ran up to the dragon and slashed his sword. The dragon rose, exploded, and out of the remains came a crater, with a portal. Steve quickly jumped in before it closed right afterwards.

Five days later, Steve was bargaining with the merchant for a diamond armory set, but he only had enough gold for a iron set. Just then, from the corner of his eye, he saw two white eyes peering out from a distant village, to the east. There seemed to be a lot of smoke. Steve hastily and reluctantly bought the iron set, gathered off a team of fighters, and went to investigate.

When they arrived at the village, Steve told his men to hold back while he went to check the village. The fires had stopped, but the village was empty. When he came back, however, his men were fighting another man. Twelve of them were dead, and out of the remaining eight, five were wounded. Even as he ran towards the commotion, two more men died. Then the man turned around, and Steve's heart missed a beat. His eyes were blank, and it was scary. The man waved his sword, and the rest of his men died. Then, he dissolved into mist. Later, Steve had to deal with an army of over 40 spiders, zombies, and angry zombie pigmen.