Hi!I made this Minecraft Mob Fighting Arena or MFA.I made it have a hotel and stuff.Ther were also some screenshots I took.Things were really cool.I had iron armor and an iron sword.I didn't get diamond 'cauze i wanted a better challenge.Next time I might do goold armor and two gold swords.I wasn't really in the arena the whole time cuz the first MILLION spiders charged at me.Well,I dided in the end and it was a nice game.
  • Front wiew of the MFA.Im using my own Ash Ketchum skin
  • Me at the counter of the registration
  • Getting ready!
  • Good luck to myself!I'll need it.
  • HIYAHH.HA HA HA the butt of the spider
  • Skeletons and Zombies charging at me!
  • Spider giving me the evil eyes.
  • I died!